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Volcano Ecigs:   Here is a common volcano review.  Many users like the different sizes, and like to switch between them all.  Battery life is a consideration when choosing the size you want to use.

“I’m New to the whole e-cig thing but like anything I but I spent lots and lots and lots of time researching the different brands in a few different catagories. 1. Price 2. Customer Service 3. Easy to use 4. lots of vape! After several days of researching I decided with ease on Volcano. I looked at a few of the starter kits and decided I would make my own since the st pattys sale was going it was a fair price. (maybe even cheaper)

3 – Atomizers
2 – Batteries
5 – Packs Menthol Carts
1 – V-Pack
1 – USB Charger

For around $55

It arrived very quickly like 2-3 days and of course in that time I had read up on how to use my new volcano electronic cigarette properly and tips and tricks. 4 days have gone by since it has arrived and I have not smoked one analog cigarette since then. In fact today I placed another order of drip tip, liquid, cartridge caps, and a couple other fruit flavor cartridges. I am very pleased with Volcano and would reccomend them to anyone wanting to get off the analogs. My wife has said I smell and taste much better and I have had no problems with them in bars or at the Cubs game after asking of course.  Thanks Volcano

Basically, we see most users very pleased with the Volcano products, so we give them our rating as a Value Buy.

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